Choosing an Agent

Interview A Real Estate Agent

Should you interview your real estate agent?  Absolutely!  This person will be helping you make one of the largest investments of your lifetime.  Taking time to interview a real estate agent will ensure that you find the most qualified candidate for the job. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time together, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve selected the right agent, whose personality suits you best.

Choosing an Agent

How to Choose a Buyer’s Agent

Choosing the right agent for you is the first step toward a successful home purchase.

Not only are you about to make a large investment, you are about the spend a lot of time with this agent.  It is important to trust your agent- which means being confident in their experience, their moral fiber, and simply getting along well. If you find an agent with experience that you trust, it will make the process smooth, fruitful and can give you peace of mind.

An agent who knows the market in your area can help a buyer avoid wrong turns along the road to home ownership. Good buyer agents know excellent resources for financing assistance in the purchase of real estate. They often have developed lists of very good and dependable lenders who keep the “junk fees” down, or eliminate them altogether, and consistently have the best rates.

They will help explain the sometimes-hidden costs associated with loans such as points, origination fees, processing fees and so on. They also know how to help their clients steer clear of bad lenders. Some Exclusive Buyer Agents will even help buyers shop for the best loan.

EBAs can help buyers identify everything from preferential school districts to mass transit options–issues that are (or should be) concerns of every buyer. An EBA’s insights are priceless, particularly because the EBA is concerned solely with solutions that fit the buyer’s needs, versus trying to balance the buyers’ and sellers’ desires.

Take the pulse of your most recent real estate transaction and see what an EBA would have done for you. Ask yourself:

  • Have I seen every home for sale that meets my parameters in the immediate area?
  • Have I been provided adequate market data upon which to base my offer?
  • Have I been made aware of impending assessments or bond issues?

Only after you’ve gotten answers to these questions are you able to assess whether you’re ready to make a purchase. Once an EBA has introduced you to the entire real estate inventory including MLS listings or For-Sale-by-Owner homes, you will know if you’ve set your sights on the ideal purchase. Ready to contact an agent?  Make sure to bring this questions to interview a real estate agent.

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