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5 Colorado Cities Rank in CNN Money’s Top 100 Small Cities to Live

I have lived now in Boulder, Evergreen, Denver, and Lakewood.  I loved living in each of these cities in Colorado, and I have to admit that my pride was a little bit bruised when none of the cities I lived in, none of My Cities were ranked in this list.

But, just goes to show you, Colorado is amazing, and I feel a great sense of pride to see my neighbors on these quality of life lists.

Colorado Cities that Ranked in the list:

Rank      City

6              Fort Collins

12           Highlands Ranch

19           Broomfield

33           Loveland

58           Arvada

The exact formula used for determining the top 100 small cities to live is unclear, but includes everything from air quality and crime index to median price of homes and job growth.

Reasons for these city’s rankings include things like microbreweries, cultural centers, and short commutes, strong school districts, bike friendly, hiking trails, and all other things outdoors.

Colorado Cities Rank in Top 25 Lists

Highlands Ranch was also featured on the Top Earning Towns list, with a 2009 median family income of over $122,000.

Highlands Ranch and Broomfield were also featured in the Fastest Job growth categories, at 4th and 8th place, respectively.

Interestingly, there was also a “Rich and single” category.  Being neither rich nor single, I get kind of a kick out of this list, but I suppose there isn’t a good way to calculate “Good person and single” or “Lovable and single.”   The majority of the cities on this list were in California, which also filled the majority of the expensive homes list and the long commute list.  At number 22 we have Boulder, Colorado with 48% of the population being single.

This list reminds me that each Colorado city has something unique and wonderful to offer.