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Best Colorado School Districts

As mentioned in previous blogs, it can be beneficial to consider the school district when purchasing homes- not only because it will help you send your kids to the school of your choosing, but living in a good school district can add value to your home.

If you are looking to move to Colorado from out of state, or considering a move within the state and want to include school districts in your evaluation, you can use this list as a general starting point to help you.  We also list additional resources for finding out more about a specific school or for comparing schools and school districts.

Thanks to the Education Accountability Act of 2009, state officials must release the current ratings of public school systems.

Here are the most recent rankings (December 2011) of the larger school districts in Colorado, as reported by Education News Colorado:

Accredited with Distinction (18 districts total, or 9.9% of Colorado Schools) including:
Academy District 20, Aspen, Cheyenne Mountain 12 and Littleton

Accredited (94 districts total, or 51.6% of Colorado School Districts) including:
Jefferson County, Douglas County, Cherry Creek, Boulder, Fort Collins, and St. Vrain

Accredited with Improvement (45 districts total, or 24.7% of Colorado Schools) including:
Adams 12 Five Star, Colorado Springs D-11, Greeley 6, and Mesa 51 Grand Junction.

Accredited with Priority Improvement (18 districts total, or 9.9% of Colorado Schools) including Aurora, the Charter School Institute, Denver, Englewood, and Mapleton.

Accredited with Turnaround (7 districts, or 4% of Colorado Schools)
Adams 14 Commerce City, Pueblo City, Sheridan, and Adams 50 Westminster.

Colorado does also has a charter school program, which allows children to attend schools other than the one they would be assigned.  To learn more about this system, visit the Colorado Department of Education webpage, (

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