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Boulder and Longmont Homes Show Price Appreciation Since 1991

Boulder and Longmont Homes Show Price Appreciation Since 1991

Whether you are a home owner, or just in the market now to buy a home, we hope that you experience appreciation in your housing investment, as most of Colorado has overall in the last few decades.  Many home buyers and owners want to know specifics about rates of appreciation in specific neighborhoods.  So, our exclusive buyers agents that specialize in the Boulder, Longmont and Northern Jefferson county have compiled charts to analyze local appreciation rates.

From 1991 to 2010, both Boulder and Longmont areas have shown considerable appreciation, ranging from 115%- 185% over the two decades.  Not surprisingly, the highest rate of appreciation was from 1991 to 2001, with a slower rate from 2001 until now.

Our exclusive buyers agents studied tax record data to compare median price changes in different neighborhoods, for different sizes of homes to see which neighborhoods and types of home experienced the greatest appreciation, and when.

They also compared the annual rate of appreciation by quarter, based on the appraised value of repeated home sales of the same home for Boulder County, Denver Metro, Colorado and the United States.  According to their study, Colorado has followed the same overall patterns of appreciation, as the United States.  Interestingly, though, in the last few years, the United States overall saw a greater depreciation than Colorado.  For example, the United States troughed at about -8% in the end of 2008, while Colorado’s rate reached only -3%.  Both are trending back in the right direction now.

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Everyone that wants to buy a house wants to neighborhood with the highest appreciation they can afford.  You don’t need to make guesses; our agents have the data you need to make informed decisions.  If you are interested in appreciation rates for different neighborhoods in the Boulder and Longmont area, we can put you in touch with our exclusive buyer’s agents.  The information that they have provided puts facts behind many common real estate questions.  Our agents do advise, however, to remember that this is historical data and that even though history may tend to repeat itself and can be used to identify patterns; it is difficult to make a forecast.