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Boulder Buyer’s Agents Protect Home Buyers From Buying Homes With a Positive Meth Screen

The Colorado buyer’s agents Association works to protect home buyers, and that means keeping you informed and provide you the resources to protect yourself from bad home purchases.  Recently, this duty has taken a somewhat unexpected turn- protecting buyers from purchasing homes that have been exposed to meth.

Should Colorado home buyers add a new screening or inspection to the list when buying a property?  One of our buyers agents in Boulder, Colorado has been screening every property for the last year for meth.

While we do not have exact statistics on how many homes have been testing positive over the last year, it is not as rare as you might think.   Approximately 10% of homes have been testing positive.  These homes have generally been in the under 275,000 price range, with several in the $150,000 range.   Some agents in the Denver area have reported even higher findings, but we do not have exact statistics.

Ask Your Buyers Agent For a Recommended Meth Screening Company

Our Boulder buyers agents have worked with many of the local companies to get screenings and full risk assesments of properties.  They will be able to provide recommendations of companies to work with that are thorough and reliable.

Work With An Informed and Thorough Boulder Buyer’s Agent That Will Protect Your Interests

It is certainly alarming to think of adding a meth screening to your home inspection, along with the more traditional home inspection.  It is not something that home buyers should have to worry about.  What is much more troubling is thinking about a home buyer working with an uniformed agent and purchasing a home that would have had a positive meth screen.  Our buyer’s agents are thorough, informed and will ensure that home buyers are protected.

Meth screens include on site inspection and collection of samples, and are tested in EPA certified labs.  The screens can range anywhere from about $400 to over $1200 depending on whether a screen or a full assessment is necessary.

The bottom line is that home buyers should be informed that this is an issue that has been popping up in homes, especially in foreclosed homes.

For more information, discuss this with your  Boulder buyer’s agent.