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Buying Remodeled Homes Safely- Tips from Colorado Buyers Agents

Buying a remodeled home can be tricky. 

Especially if the potential buyer doesn’t know ahead of time that there have been some changes to the home.  A remodeled home can mean anything from an updated bathroom to an “improvement” in the plumbing system.  It’s hard to tell which one of these types of remodels has occurred without the proper information and representation.

Colorado Buyer’s Agents Recommend Checking For Building Code Compliance

Our Colorado buyer’s agent says that one of the things potential buyer can do once they have found a property that they like is to check with the local municipality.  It is in their best interests to make sure that the home is safe and meets all of the current building codes.  They will also have a record of the permits issued on a property if there was any work done, whether it was a room addition or an added deck.  Even a change to the plumbing or electrical systems of a home need to be up to code.  If there was a major change to either system, a permit would be required.  An inspection of the property as a condition to your offer is very important, as this can reveal some potential remodel issues.  A Colorado buyer’s agent will guide you as to how best approach a remodeled home.

Buying a Remodeled Home That Doesn’t Meet Code: Your Options

Depending on how set you are in purchasing the property, you can either walk away, or:

Negotiate an “as is” price on the home.  This means you acknowledge the home’s issues and would be removing any liability for the repairs from the seller, or

Agree on a price price based on the house meeting all current codes.  This means that the seller would then do all the repairs themselves and provide you with the final inspection documentation.

Whether you’re in the market for a new home or a remodeled one, it’s best to have an exclusive Colorado buyer’s agent in your corner.