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Best of Colorado: Urban Gardening

Living Green with Colorado Real Estate

If you are interested in sustainable living and a greener future, these values are becoming more and more mainstream in Colorado.  Even our local microbreweries pride themselves on being sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Colorado is a great place to explore the possibilities of lowering your environmental impact- we have the resources you need for your endeavors, and the community to teach and support you (and even applaud you).

One particular aspect of green and sustainable living that is becoming a growing interest in Colorado is urban and community farming.   As people become more interested in not only eating a healthier diet but knowing where the food came from, how the land was treated, whether pesticides and more were used to grow their food, people are turning to grow and gardening on their own.  Growing your own food is not only a satisfying, enriching, and even fascinating endeavor, but can give you a very hands-on way to care for our earth and ourselves!

In any home in Colorado, you can find ways to begin your own garden.

Many people with yards have dedicated a portion as a home garden, and grow foods that do particularly well in Colorado.  (We have many truly incredible, local nurseries where you can find hearty tomatoes, fruit trees, and so on, that thrive in the Colorado climate.  My personal favorite is O’Toole’s Garden Centers).  Some build beautiful greenhouses to protect their bounty from hail storms and wildlife, and to extend their growing season.  But, Colorado has another way in which you can begin gardening, if you don’t have space in your yard to dedicate to gardening- community and urban gardens, and rooftop farming.

Next week we will take a look at the Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Colorado for Urban Gardening.