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buyer’s agents – In The Know

Upgrades that wont pay off

Your exclusive buyers’ agent can make your real estate search and purchase MUCH easier. Many areas of the country are seeing a surge of prospective buyers flood the market, especially in the Denver area. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget what priorities should be examined when buyers are looking at a variety of homes. There are many things to be considered, but below are some of the most common, important criteria.

Hire an exclusive buyers agent.

This can be critical to the success of your locating the right house at the right price in a fast-paced marketplace, as many areas of the country are already seeing going in this summer.  An exclusive buyers agent works for you and you only and this is vitally important in the various stages of presenting offers and negotiating terms.

Have an idea of what you’re looking for before you go into the home.

Check the specific geographic area and the neighborhood.  Your buyers’ agent can perform much valuable research for you, however, you may not perform searches that are specific enough to answer all your questions unless you call it to their attention.  If 6 houses in the nearby area sold for over $175,000 then this is an indication that you might need to make a bid within that general ballpark, not at $100,000, which a seller almost certainly will not accept – especially when over-bidding has become the norm for the hotter, in-demand areas. Know before you go. Your exclusive buyers’ agent will have a complete set of figures and comparables to examine. This is to help you become educated before you make the offer.

Perform due diligence in the closer examination of a home.

This means it is imperative to hire a qualified, well-trained home inspector. A potential existing or future problem that is missed by the untrained eye can lead to very expensive changes or repairs down the road. Your exclusive buyers’ agent will put a keen eye on any red flags that could present a problem for you so you are able to make an informed decision before you make an offer.

Get a Pre-approval.

It is always an excellent idea before you become too engaged in the home selection process.  This will give you the answers you need regarding how much house you can afford. And also help find a house that matches your financial threshold and other criteria. Your exclusive buyers’ agent can help you with vital information regarding mortgage and finance options.

Make clear assessments of your needs in your real estate purchase.

Will you live there, will you rent or just fix and return to the sale market?  All of these are important things to consider, but few more important than if you will be living there. What is nearby that is important?  The schools, transportation, shopping, neighborhood amenities, and other very important considerations will all have a long-term impact on your quality of life and enjoyment and use of the property over time.   These are some of the things you need to verbalize to your exclusive buyers’ agent.