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Find an Agent You Trust

Find an agent that you are comfortable sharing the information that will make your house-hunting more fruitful.   Also, find an agent whose experience you respect and trust.  Without trust, you will not get the most out of working with an agent.

Throughout the home buying process, you will be sharing personal information.  At the bare minimum, you will need to be honest about your finances including how much you have available for a down payment and how much you have available for monthly payments.  If you are getting a loan, you will be sharing even more personal information, like bank statements.

If you are uncomfortable sharing the motives behind your purchase, your agent cannot understand all of your needs.

The more your agent knows, the better they can help you.

There is more to trusting your agent than being able to confide in them.  You need to trust your agent enough that you can be frank about your motivating factors.  But also, you need to trust your agent to give you good advice.   Is your agent’s advice the bottom line or deciding factor?  Of course not.  It’s your money, your house.  But, they are the professionals and their input should be taken into consideration.

For example, listen to your agent’s input about your offer.   Does your agent think it is too high?  Too low?   If you disagree, ask your agent to explain their opinion and back it up with comparable sales.   Submitting an unreasonably low offer can result in the home seller not considering you a serious prospect.   Or, another interested buyer may make a more reasonable offer and you will lose the home you want.

Use your agent’s experience as a resource when making decisions.

If you have done your research and interviewed your agent carefully, you should be working with an agent that you respect and that you are comfortable with.  If you have questions or would like to interview a Colorado Exclusive buyer agent, get started by finding an agent.