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Get Matched With The Best Colorado Buyer Agent

Finding the Best Buyer Agent is Daunting

You may be familiar with some of the big name real estate websites out there today, like Zillow and Trulia.  And if you have tried to find an agent in this way, you may even be wary of real estate agents- without a good way to check their background, it just feels like you might get the luck of the draw.  If you are looking for a good agent, not just some one to sign the papers, but one who can actually provide valuable information to you and offer a professional service, where can you turn?

Google’s HomeLight Facing Issues in Matching Home Buyers with Agents

It turns out that Google is attempting to provide this service to home buyers with their new business, HomeLight.   While it is under attack right now as far as whether or not it it legitimately has access to MLS data and is using it in a legitimate way, it is essentially trying to accomplish this important service for home buyers: matching home buyers to real estate agents that are a cut above the rest.  Not an agent who just got their license and doesn’t know anything about home value, the local market, or how to negotiate, but instead, the best professionals in the industry.  Agents with a track record of success.

Colorado Buyers Agents Association Provides This Service:  Matching Buyers with the Best Colorado Buyer Agent

This service is exactly what you will find by filling in Colorado Buyers Agents Association’s find an agent form.  Our agents are all exclusive buyer’s agents, meaning that they represent only home buyers.  This is truly an important distinction that cannot be overlooked.  But, more than that, our agents are backed with a record of success in Colorado.  Colorado Buyers Agents Association keeps in touch with our home buyers and the experience they had, to make sure that all of our home buyers are working with the best agent for them, getting the best guidance, and of course, getting the best home at the best price.

If you contact Colorado Buyers Agents Association, you will be getting a truly valuable resource for choosing your next agent.  And, if you are like all of our home buyers, once you have worked with a Colorado buyer’s agent, you won’t go back!