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Golden Real Estate: Most Charming Neighborhoods with Big City Feel (part 2)

Tons to Do In Golden, Colorado

There is so much going on in Golden, all of the time.  If you happen by Golden on a Saturday morning during the summer and early fall, for example, you will find a bustling and fun Farmers Market complete with puppet shows, fire roasted chile’s, organic beauty care & coffee, and seemingly a city of smiling faces.  In fact, you could watch a School of Mines Parade, visit the Farmers Market and take a free tour of Coors Brewery, all before 1:00 in the afternoon!

More to Do in Golden…

Golden also features a First Friday art walk, similar to the one in Denver, that features local artwork, music and a free carraige ride.

Another great landmark in Golden is Golden City Brewery.  Priding itself on being the Second Largest Brewery in Golden, (with Coors- the largest in the country, just a few blocks away), GCB is a great place to enjoy your afternoon or early evening.  Enjoying a beer here, you can get a great snapshot of what it is like to live in Colorado.

Golden Real Estate: Schools

Golden is part of Jefferson County School District and has 4 elementary schools and 1 high school, Golden High School.  The Colorado School of Mines is located a few blocks from down town Golden.

Golden Real Estate: Homes/ Neighborhood Feel

Another great thing about Golden is the real estate.  There are beautiful, charming homes.  Unlike a new development, the streets are filled with mature trees, and unique homes full of character.

There are also some new condos lining the main streets, so there is something for everyone.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, the city is approximately half families or married couples and half “non families”, or single residents.

Golden Real Estate: Price Range

The price range for Golden real estate (according to Zillow) is approximately$ 200-400,000 for condos and single family homes.

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