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Home Buyers Tip: Use Your Imagination When Home Shopping

If you don’t have an imagination, shop with someone who does.

There is a home on the end of our street that I believe is the envy of every home owner in the neighborhood.  I admit, I have a bit of a “crush” on this house.  It is beautiful.  From the landscaping, to the wood garage doors, to  their backyard filled with bonsai trees and a lily pond, the house tickles your imagination and makes you want to head over to home depot.

I just met the homeowners today and was lucky enough to earn a tour through the yard and part of the home.  I am pretty sure it was because I had my baby with me, people love babies.  They gave me the Home Improvement Tour of their house. They have designed every inch, laid every brick, stained every piece of wood,  by the way.  I learned that this home was originally the cheapest on the block, and not only that, it was a Fixer-Upper.  No running water, holes in the doors, dead lawn, etc.  Now, it’s spectacular.

A home can transform from a worst to the best of the neighborhood.

With a little imagination and a lot of hard work (or the funds to hire contractors), that is.  Any home can be a blank canvas to create your dream home.

House Hunters, train yourself to find the level of “Fixing Up” that falls within your budget and spare time.

1)      Recognize the features of the house that cannot be changed, or will be too difficult or expensive to change.

2)      Ignore features of the house that are unattractive to you, but that will be easy to change- like wall color, popcorn ceilings, dingy carpets.

3)      Be honest with yourself about the amount of time and money you have to make the necessary changes.

It is easy to pass up a home that “needs cosmetics” if you do not use your imagination when viewing homes.  Choosing the new cosmetics yourself can be both incredibly rewarding and increase your profit when selling the home.