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Relocate to Colorado: We Love Parks

Parks add Value to Property…and Life

Parks don’t just add to your quality of life, they can also add the value of your home.  According to a paper written by John L. Crompton from Texas A&M University in 2005, a property that is neighbors with a park can have an increased value of as much as 20%.*

That’s why on a home for sale by a park will tell you on their MLS listing.  For example, “back to open space,” or “walking distance to park.”  It’s a valuable perk.

Coloradans are healthy, and we love our parks.

Going to a park can make you feel just like a kid again.  By my house there are 4 or 5 different parks, it’s incredible.  At one of the local parks, there were many families outside, enjoying the day.  Kids swinging and sliding on the play ground for some good old fashioned play.  Adults were exercising.  I’m pretty sure I saw some of the happiest pets in the world, sneaking a little “off-leash” time to cool off in the lake.

All of this was around noon on a weekday.  I can see why Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country.  If you go to a park in Colorado, you won’t be alone.

What kinds of parks does Colorado have to offer?

  • Colorado has 42 state parks that include visitor centers, kid programs, picnic areas and spectacular views and sunny days.  The parks cover almost 250,000 acres.
  • Colorado has 4 national parks including the Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde.
  • Denver alone has 200 parks.  Two hundred city parks… in Denver!  Lakewood, beautiful Lakewood, has 99 city parks covering 7,000 acres.

Aside from the fresh air and health benefits, most parks are free.

If you love the great outdoors, move to a state full of like minded neighbors.  Or, if you want to start – this is a great place!

Our incredible parks are just another reason to relocate to Colorado.

If you are interested in moving to Colorado, or maybe just changing neighborhoods, you can talk to one of our exclusive buyer’s agents to find the perfect home near the perfect park for you!

**The paper is titled “The impact of parks on property values: empirical evidence from the past two decades in the United States.”  It is not a study based solely on Colorado, and it was published before, and so does not take into account, the recession.   The author, Dr. John L. Crompton is a Distinguished Professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences.