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Tips on Searching For Real Estate Property

Inventory Is Finally Easing Up

After months of fighting inventory shortages, several key indicators show that available inventory is increasing, a welcome event for buyers.  The market has yielded many willing buyers. But with an inventory shortage as the worst in 27 years, buyers are understandably frustrated in their search for property.  In addition, information about the existing inventory is changing so quickly. There are many of the larger collection sites are not able to keep up with all of the dynamic information.  In fact, sources report that the top 3 real estate search sites are Zillow, Trulia, and They are seeing significantly increased traffic since January.  Consumers are taking a hands-hands on approach to locating properties at times that are convenient to them, many from home or on the road.  So where is the best real estate information available?

Differences Between the “Big 3” Top Real Estate Search Sites

Each of the ‘Big 3’ has its advantages.  After an analysis of the offerings of the three sites,  we found that users like each one for different reasons.  Consumers report ease of use and correct information on Trulia. They restrict their ad load per page and it is easier to read the information they are searching.  Zillow is known for its popular feature ‘Zestimate’. Also, it’s historical graph information that features a property’s valuation changes over the years. This is a very helpful tool when analyzing new and existing neighborhoods.

Overall, the most consistently up to date information came from Every 15 minutes the database is literally being updated.  This is a great benefit to using the site like so many markets across the country are seeing a much quicker sales pace than many industry professionals expected.  Timing and accuracy of information are key points when trying to quickly sort through a list of potential properties. Including determining if they are right for you.  Also, it was determined after a huge analysis that many are performing real estate searches from their mobile devices. Where scored higher as well.  Their mobile application is the top technology in the industry.

An buyer’s agent Can Help You Make Sense Of It All

There are many tools available to the tech-savvy consumer.  However, there is nothing that can replace the personal service offered by your exclusive buyers’ agent.  Your buyer’s agent will assist you to go through many information. Also in locating the information, you may not realize you need to make a decision about a particular piece of property.  After you have sought out your list of properties that interest you, let your exclusive buyers agent provide you with all the vital information you need. As you progress in your search for the right piece of real estate.