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Why Buy A House in Colorado: Investment & Ownership Benefits

Why Are You Buying A Home:

I beleive that there is a distinct difference in what the home buying experience and ownership will be like for a person looking to make an investment compared to the person just looking to own.  In the past, real estate was a conventional and reasonably safe investment.  Now, reading investment blogs and articles, many argue that it is often a better investment to rent and invest your money other ways.  Of course, they don’t disagree that home ownership has many other values other than just the potential to make money when you sell.  Also, many people still make money in real estate, and our buyer’s agents can help you with your investment properties and fix and flips.

What is the primary reason YOU are buying a home?  Are you purchasing a home mainly as an investment?  Or mainly as a place to call your own?  Or, hoping to get a return on your investment on the place  you call home?

Understanding and defining your motivations will help you achieve your goals.

Your buyers agent will be a great resource in helping you develop accurate expectations if you are looking more for a return on your investment.  They can advise you on what types of properties to look for and what to expect in terms of renovations, how long to hold on to your home, etc.

On the other hand, if ownership in itself is the most important to you, your agent can help you define what you are looking for – both in terms of what the home already has and what the home will need.

For many of us, the goal of home ownership is a combination of the two desires- gaining all of the benefits from owning, and making improvements and caring for our property, buying low and waiting to sell high, so that ultimately we can earn a return when the time comes.