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A Close Look at Zillow & Trulia

Zillow and Trulia can be fun free resources beginning your home search…its easy and exciting to begin your search from the comfort of your own home, without making a commitment to an agent or brokerage, and just seeing “whats out there”.  Filled with pictures of homes, different search options and other tools, it is easy to spend hours on these websites.

How are Zillow and Trulia Useful?  Where Do They Fall Short?

But, are they valuable for more than that? This is an age where the internet gives us access to tons of information, allowing us to do more and more on our own.  Is it a good idea for home buyers to … buy a house based on online research alone?

Don’t get me wrong, Zillow and Trulia have tons of fun features, and it is easy to spend hours and hours on this site.  But, the fact is, they are not meant to replace working with a professional, especially when it comes to determining current market value, providing expert analysis of a home, negotiations, and advice throughout the home buying process.

Even Zillow recommends that home buyers work with a professional.

I started my home search using Zillow and Trulia.   I even called a few agents from the site to schedule home visits.  But, after careful research, I decided that I was putting the cart before the hourse- first I needed to research and find the best buyer’s agent for me, then start looking at homes.  I decided to work with an exclusive buyer’s agent that is a member of both the Colorado and the National Associations of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents.  I decided that the best way to use Zillow and Trulia are as fun resource, but that they do not replace working with a professional.  In fact, even Zillow recommends that home buyers work with a professional.

In our next post, we’ll take a look at two critical ways that online portal sites fall short in helping home buyers make an informed decision.