Colorado Homes For Sale Under the $200s

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Are you a homeowner and in the bracket of Colorado homes for sale under the $200’s?  If your home is valued at $200,000 or less your home’s valuation places you in the “most wanted” category for desirable real estate inventory.  There’s almost never been a better time to sell in Denver metro history.

While inventory shortages are easing and slowly rising interest rates are tempering the furious sales pace, there is still a critical shortage of homes in the under $200,000 price bracket.

There are some planning issues to consider, however.  Many sellers have decided they would like to take advantage of the potential opportunity to sell and “upsize”.  This is the time to enlist the help of a buyer’s agent.  You’ll need someone to help sift through inventory and perfectly match properties to your specific set of needs.  Now more than ever, an exclusive buyer’s agent is critical in your real estate property search success.  Sellers who are ‘going it alone’ are finding scads of properties that are amongst the live listings on large aggregate sites, even individual real estate sites that are sold already.  This is occurring partially because the sales pace was at break-neck speed and it is hard to properly maintain and update listings when real estate agents are operating at this pace.  In addition, sometimes, unfortunately listings are left up to attract new potential customers even if they have sold as long as 2-3 years ago in a market where the best available and most attractively priced properties have already been scooped up.

An EBA is likely on a first-name basis with many other realtors from other companies and can pick up the phone and receive correct information within minutes.  This is the type of service and speed you need to secure the piece of property you are looking for.

An exclusive buyers agent can offer a broad range of services to you that are time and money saving skills.  We can pair you with a buyers agent that will fit your needs and can find all available real estate that fits your specifications.  Get started by answering a few questions here.

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