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Why Use a Colorado buyer’s agent?

What Is An buyer’s agent (buyer’s agent)?

An buyer’s agent buyer’s agent represents only the home buyer, in a real estate transaction. He or she works within an agency that only focuses on buyers and will never accept sellers or listings. This type of representation eliminates all sorts of conflict in a real estate negotiation and provides 100% protection for home buyers.

In the late 1960s, the real estate business only seemed to pay attention to sellers. Imagine how helpless homebuyers were in the past. Thankfully, this practice is almost regulated. Homebuyers can now take advantage of buyer’s agents who can negotiate 100% for their buyers and who can keep their motivations as buyers safe. Watch and listen to one of Colorado’s Top buyer’s agent:

Why Work With An buyer’s agent?

The top benefit of working with an buyer’s agent is knowing that they will not go behind your back and work as a double agent. buyer’s agent are fiduciary who will protect your motivations as a buyer. Their ability to handle the overwhelming home buying process with ease during a negotiation is another thing to look forward to. It is important to establish that the agent you’re working with does not have any hidden agenda.

  • No conflict of interest. An buyer’s agent cannot represent anyone else but a buyer. So,  you don’t need to worry about them being a double agent.
  • Buyer-focused. An buyer’s agent will always be available to you to prioritize your needs and wants as a buyer.
  • Do not accept listings. There will be no need for the buyer to spend time narrowing or filtering the property search.  It will be safe to accept the listings they will provide.
  • Objective service. EBAS will help you get the best home on the best terms, at the best price.
  • Plus, It Won’t Cost You Anything Extra to Work with buyer’s agent!

Key Roles An buyer’s agent Plays in the home buying process:

  • Protector. It is a top priority to keep you from all forms of harm and protect your best interests. You need an agent who will be able to anticipate and keep you from a never-ending list of potential risks and deadlines. Hiring the right agent who knows how to best counter the seller’s requirements is the best protection there is.
  • Negotiator. A good buyers agent is an excellent negotiator and is never complacent. Look for an agent who knows about the current trends in the market and all other important matters in a real estate negotiation.
  • Advocate. An buyer’s agent always takes your position during a negotiation. His or her primary goal is to make sure that the property is worthy of investment. And will negotiate with the best price and terms acceptable to you.
  • Representative. Each state offers various ways for consumers to be represented. You can choose the best type of representation according to your needs. Make sure that the agent is fully aware of your preferences regarding the property you’re looking for.

If you are a home buyer or a first time home buyer who ants straightforward and honest guidance backed by experience, then go for buyer’s agent. Get free real estate counseling and a list of all offices that service your area.

The Colorado Buyers Agents Association  Colorado Buyers Agents Association is a not-for-profit trade association. It is made up of companies where the brokers/owners and all agents in the office specialize in working only for real estate buyers.  Learn more about the benefits of a buyer broker.

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