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3 Things Home Buyer’s should know about Open Houses

Looking for a way to get in some homes and get a feel for what is on the market?   Open houses avoid the step of contacting the listing agent to schedule a showing.  The open house is an opportunity for buyer’s to have less pressure.  Or is it?

1)      Listing agents also use open houses to find buyers.

 Most home viewers that go to open houses are unrepresented, meaning they are not working with their own buyers agent.   This is a great opportunity for the listing agent to try to sell the house, or pick up a buyer.  Be aware that a conversation that starts with questions about what you are looking for in a home can quickly transition into a conversation about working with that agent. 

 If you are already working with an agent, let the listing agent know that upfront. 

 2)      The agent at the open house wants feedback about the house. 

 If you are not interested in the home, being honest can really help the home seller.  For example, if you were distracted by clutter, the home owner can use this feedback to prepare for the next showing.   However, if you are interested in the home, feedback given on the spur of the moment may end up being used against you during negotiations.

 3)      Open House strategies are designed to put you in the mood to buy.

A lot of work goes on behind the scene of an open house.  The owner and agent will do whatever possible to show the home in the best light, employing strategies like baking cookies and playing mood music.  If you have fallen in love with the house, make sure to evaluate what you fell in love with.  Was it the home itself or was it the advertising?

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