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Relocate to Colorado: The Mountain Condo Fantasy

One discussion my husband and I enjoy having is the “If we were rich where would we own a condo?”  It will be years before this is anything but a fantasy, but when the day comes, we are prepared.  If you are looking for the perfect place for your condo, I’d like to make my argument for the Colorado Rockies.

A mountain condo can be used year round.

On my way to spend the weekend in Copper Mountain, I am unsure of the answer to the question:  Are the mountains more beautiful in the summer or the winter?”  The views are spectacular.

In the summer, there’s mountain biking.  There’s hiking.  Spas.  Great food.  Shopping.  Music.  Bumper boats.  Fresh air, mountain views, and wildlife. Yes, a little bit of everything.

In the winter, well, everyone knows that the Colorado Rockies are one of the world’s best Winter Wonderlands.

I love the suburbs, I really do.  But, getting away to the mountains is sometimes much needed, in the summer and the winter.

A mountain condo offers something for everyone.

Everyone in my family is pretty different.  My mom loves to shop and enjoy a spa treatment.  Dad is racing in the Leadville Trail 100.  My sister and her boyfriend love music and adventure.  My husband and I just entered parenthood so we have no hobbies (just kidding).   The incredible thing is: the mountains have something to offer each of us.

If you are thinking about buying a vacation home, a place to retire, or a weekend getaway, consider a condo in the mountains.  There is something for everyone, can be enjoyed year round, and are close enough that you can be back to reality – ahem- Denver – in about an hour and a half.

One of our exclusive buyer’s agents can discuss which mountain town is right for you and help you turn your mountain fantasy into a reality.