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If You Are Looking For Honesty, You Are Looking for a Buyers Agent

If you are looking for honesty, you are looking for an exclusive buyer agent.

Don’t trust a salesman?  I don’t either.  I read a few comments to real estate blogs from home buyers that reminded me, some people don’t trust their agent, or maybe agents in general.   I used to feel that way too.  I thought that I needed to work with an agent for legal purposes, but that I couldn’t really trust them to give me the story straight on any house.  I could trust them to show me all the perks, but who would show me all of the cons?  I would have to find them myself, so I thought.

“Sales” is very similar to advertising.  It is designed to show the product in the best light and convince a person to buy it.  As a consumer, I want the pros and the cons.  Having access to cons does not mean I won’t make a purchase, it just means that I’ll make an informed purchase.  Still, the salesperson that presents equally the up and the downside is hard to find.

This was a significant reason that I was wary of working with a real estate agent.  What if they give me the pros but not the cons?  Do I know enough about homes to identify the cons on my own?

That’s when I found out about buyer agency.  Real estate professionals consider buyer agency one of the most important changes to the industry because for the first time, home buyers interests were objectively and fairly represented.   Instead of relying on information from the person selling a home, they were informed by a professional working to help buy a good home.

Our exclusive buyer agent was a straight shooter.  Presented the pros, and didn’t sugar coat the cons.  Our buyer’s agent gave honest answers, just the facts, which enabled us to make informed decisions.

If you are looking for honesty, you are looking for an exclusive buyer agent.  The difference is enormous.  For all you skeptics out there, I challenge you to contact one of our exclusive buyers agents.