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Making a List, Checking It Twice

So you have decided to buy a house, now it’s time to make your Naughty and Nice list.  In other words- what are the things you want in your home, and what are the things you don’t want?  Here is a list to help you get started.

Also, a few tips about your list:

1)      Create a master list. If you are house hunting with someone, try this exercise.  Each of you make your own list (no peeking!), then combine them into a master list.  You might be surprised that some of the things you never thought of are on your partner’s “must have” list.  In addition to ensuring that both of you feel satisfied and get what you need out of your home, it will make sure there are no surprises during the house hunt.

2)      Be realistic.  Go through your list with your exclusive buyers agent to make sure that your must have list is within your budget.  If you were a tad wishful, don’t be embarrassed, we all are!  But, shave off the things that you don’t need until your expectations match your budget.

3)      Be flexible.  Once you start viewing homes, you may realize that there are elements of a home you had not thought about before starting, and will need to edit your list.


Monthly budget, down payment, closing costs, maintenance, repairs.


Urban, suburban, commute to work, proximity to schools, crime rate, feel of the neighborhood, etc.

Type of Housing:

Condo, townhome, apartment, single family home


Number of bedrooms? Number of bathrooms? Layout requirements? (For example:  must have Guest Room not adjacent to Master, or must have Guest Bathroom that offers some privacy.) Desired Floorplan:  Open floor plan? Split level? Tri Level?


New kitchen? New bathrooms? Or, fixer upper?


Garage, driveway, street parking, air conditioning, type of heating system, backyard

Happy house hunting!