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Colorado Real Estate: Best State for MicroBrewery & Craft Beer

If you are interested in beer, and craft beer, Colorado is the place to call home.

If craft beer is interesting and appealing to you, Colorado may be the best place to call home.  Buying Colorado real estate in just about any major city in Colorado will give you access to a top notch brewery, from Fort Collins, to Boulder, Denver and the mountain towns.  Each brewery has its own unique style, culture, and of course, beers, making it a great hobby and centerpiece at many Colorado gatherings.   Many of the breweries also feature tours, and there are also brew tours you can purchase that include designated driving or tour buses that will take you to some of the major breweries in a given city.

In addition to a fun type of night life, the culture is great here for people who want to learn to brew at home.  There are many at-home brew stores in Colorado, and some people take this hobby and turn it into a lucrative business after perfecting the craft.

If you are interested in opening a brewery, Colorado is a great location.

If craft brewing is a passion of yours, Colorado might be the perfect location to open your own brewery.  More and more breweries are opening in Colorado, and business is booming.  While in other states, the concept may be gaining popularity, it is already very much a part of the culture here and the market is not saturated…yet.

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