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Confessions of a First Time Home Buyer

I have experienced two surprise benefits of home ownership in the 4 months since we became owners .  The first:  I no longer have a Property Manager.  The second:  I am becoming handier and handier.

Good Bye Scrooge, Hello Better Business Bureau.

When weighing the pros and the cons of Renting versus Buying, our loving consultants (friends, family, neighbors, exclusive buyer’s agents) warned about the fact that we will no longer have the luxury of calling the Property Manager when there is a problem.  No, if there is a flood in the basement because then you call the plumber, not the Property Manager.

Clearly, the people that mentioned this as a “con” did not have a Property Manager like ours. I am quite sure Charles Dickens’ based his character Ebenezer Scrooge on our Property Manger, or perhaps his great grandfather.  (To his credit, I think “Scrooge-iness” would be a highly desirable quality from the home owner’s perspective.)

Plus, per our lease agreement, I could not contact companies and get quotes, or check their status in the BBB.   Basically- I was at the mercy of Scrooge.  Now, I have power!  I can choose my own crew!  I can find a trustworthy contractor, check references, get quotes, and get a job well done!!  Ah, America!  Freedom!  Home ownership!  I love you!  (This morning we had our sprinklers winterized.  I am still flying from my sense of accomplishment:  I am a responsible home owner.  We winterized our sprinklers.  In the nick of time, perhaps, but in time none the less! )

Caulk [kawk]: to fill or close seams or crevices of (a tank, window, etc.) in order to make watertight.

The second fringe benefit is that I get an even more absurd amount of pleasure from completing tasks myself.   Even if it does take me several hours to Google the task, the tools I need, and the pronunciation of the tools I need, a few trips to Home Depot, and several swearing fits (that I will later deny.)

For example, there was a seam in our shower that needed to be caulked.  This was mentioned in our Home Inspection report.  Great!  Caulk!  No problem!  But alas, it was in fact a problem because I have never caulked anything in my life, didn’t know what it looks like, didn’t know how to use it, and so on.

First, I bought the stuff, spent probably an hour trying to use it before realizing that I needed a caulk gun.  Back to the Deep (my nickname for Home Depot).  Being a woman, I’d rather ask where is “The Caulk Gun” than prove my manliness by wandering aisles.  With anything other than a caulk gun, that is.

Caulk, which is pronounced [kawk] is not my favorite thing to ask a stranger about, and I usually uncomfortably mumble the word several times using different pronunciations (“I am looking for a cawk.. a kawk… a caulk..a kak … a caulllllllllk gun please” ) until everyone within earshot is slightly embarrassed for me.   But, now, I have caulk, and a caulk gun, and I know how to use them.

And there you have it.  Homeownership:  independence, victory, laughs, learning, joy.  I’d recommend it to anyone.

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