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Current Inventory and Marketplace in Colorado

Colorado home inventory

The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | November 12, 2022

On the show:

Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
Larry Stanley (Consumer Guy, Co-host, Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate)

Current inventory and marketplace in Colorado and the whole country

  • Experts hardly heard the word “bidding wars”
  • Colorado Springs has been experiencing bidding wars for the last 3 years
  • Denver and the rest of the country have been experiencing it for 6 years
  • Markets are going back to the old normal
  • This very little change in the median prices has been occurring in Denver

Reports on inventory and marketplace data in Colorado

  • The median price range for Denver is $600-620K
  • The median price range in Colorado Springs is $640-670K
  • Over 75% of the United States are seeing more drop and there is more inventory in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins
  • The inventory is not increasing or decreasing, it is leveled-off
  • Now, the days of inventory are 6-7 weeks which is not normal for the last 6 years
  • The number of homes for sale would be totally gone down to zero in 7 days at the rate buyers are buying
  • It’s gone from 1 to 2 weeks of inventory to 8-10 weeks of inventory
  • Moreover, the average days of inventory would have been 100-130 days in the last 10 years
  • Buyers can take advantage of the current market and they don’t have to put up to bidding wars

For sellers:

“Don’t sell or get too serious about selling unless you have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages to selling. Don’t sell unless the advantages of selling exceeds the disadvantages of selling to you and your family and your economic conditions.”

For buyers:

“Don’t buy until the advantages of selling exceeds the detriments of selling to you and your family and your economic conditions.”

Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
real estate inventory

Tips for buyers and sellers:

  • Write down the list of advantages and disadvantages 
  • Work with a qualified and skilled real estate agent who can help you prepare those advantages and disadvantages
  • Then, you can truly evaluate where you are and what you want to do
  • The advantage of having good trustworthy agents is they will bring the perspective of the marketplace
  • Also, it is important that you not only know what’s good for you. But also know what’s really going on in the marketplace

Learn the current real estate inventory and marketplace in Colorado

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