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Denver Buyer Agent Explains: What is a Buyer Agent?

How the buyer’s agent was Born.

Most of us have heard the term, “Buyer Agent” or “buyer’s agent” but, not all of us know what that really means. Our experienced Denver Buyerʼs Agent explains that during the mid 1990ʼs, buyerʼs began to demand a little more attention in the real estate market,wanting the same personal representation that Sellerʼs had. They were interested in a
real estate expert who would be exclusively on their side. And so, the exclusive buyer agent was born. This group of agents working only for the buyer speaks volumes as to their integrity and dedication.

An Exclusive Buyer Agency employes only buyersʼ agents. Their fiduciary obligation and service is to buyers. Exclusive buyerʼs agents will never accept listings.
Buyer Agency Agreements

A Buyer Agency agreement is a contract between the buyer and the buyerʼs agent. It oftentimes commits the buyer and agent to a certain time period, which is negotiable. If you are still shopping for your home at the time of expiration, the agreement can be renewed with an “Extension”. Buyer Agency Agreements are recommended, as the agreement would better set the guidelines for the work that your buyerʼs agent will perform for you, and the expectations of both buyer and agent.

Buyer Agents Working for You

These exclusive buyer agentʼs, are able to commit themselves to the buyer only, with no conflicts of interest, as they do NOT represent sellers at all.   This allows the buyer some well deserved piece of mind. In addition, most buyer agents were once traditional (buyer and seller) agents so, they can pass that experience on to you for a smoother home
buying processes.
Your buyerʼs agent will offer you:
100% Representation
100% Confidentiality
No Dual Agency
No Conflict of Interest
Total Advocacy
Full Disclosure
Having a buyersʼ agent advocate on your behalf, means you will walk away a more
informed, and satisfied customer.