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Denver Real Estate: Best Place to Live Urban Farming (Part Two)

Denver Real Estate: Rooftop Gardening

Another option for gardneing in Denver that earned Denver the Best Place for Urban Farming is rooftop farming.    Denver Botanic Gardens built Denver’s first rooftop garden that is publicly accessable and provides resources and best practisies for starting your own rooftop garden.  (They also have a children’s rooftop garden that is a great place for your little explorers!)

Rooftop farming in Denver is growing and gaining popularity, but certainly not mainstream.  Many of the rooftop farms in Denver are on public buildings (meaning not available for personal gardening), but several apartment complexes in Denver do offer rooftop farming.   There are several organizations (Like Growwest) that are working to increase the number of buildings that make use of new rooftop farming techniques because of all of the benefits it provides.

If urban farming, or farming in general is an important criteria for your home search, make sure to discuss your needs with your buyers agent.  Our buyer’s agents have extensive experience in the Denver area (and any other city in Colorado), and can help you find the right place that meets your needs.  Whether you want enough land to begin a gardne in your own home and yard- our buyer’s agents will know the neighborhoods that have large enough yards in your price range and that meet your other criteria.  Or, if you are interested in urban gardening in Denver, they can help you find a home in the right neighborhood to support this goal as well.

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