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Our Boulder Buyer Agents Has the Scoop on FSBO

Our Boulder Buyer Agentsʼ say that one of the difficulties in people representing  themselves as buyers is finding the homes that are for sale. The majority of for sale by owners end up listing their home with a Realtor, as finding buyers on their own is typically a challenge.

Boulder Buyers Agents Can Help You Find FSBO

Still, our Boulder Buyer’s agents want to ensure that buyers have access to all properties, not just ones listed with agents.  They take extra steps to ensure that they locate unlisted properties to show potential buyers, and work frequently with unlisted homes.

For Those in the Market for a FSBO

Our Boulder Buyer Agents offer up some tips to help home buyers experience a smoother transaction with a for sale by owner property.
• Sellers are very sensitive about their homes. They have a lot of time, money, and emotional memories invested in their home. Any critique can be interpreted as personal criticism. The best approach is to be courteous, and professional, and to stay focused on your goal.
• Before shopping for a home, get pre-qualified, or pre-approved for a loan. This will help you figure out your price bracket, and having a lender letter with an approved amount will show your seller that you mean business.
• Check for a title company in your area of interest. Every state has disclosure statements, different contracts et cetera. The title company will help you gather the proper paperwork. They may also be able to guide you towards a reputable
inspection, and appraisal company.
• Take your paperwork from the title company, fill in the proper information pertaining to the sale, and have a real estate attorney review them before you sign. Always have any stipulation(s) in writing before you sign your contract.

Donʼt hesitate to give a Boulder Buyer Agent a call to discuss your concerns, or fill in our find an agent form today!