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Golden Real Estate: Most Charming Neighborhoods with City Feel

This week, I am awarding Golden City with the “Most Charming Neighborhoods with City Feel.”  I love Golden and we are frequent  visitors because it is truly charming, jam packed with fun activities for all ages (or a family that needs to please all ages in one go.) The scenery is just beautiful in winter, spring, summer or fall, and the real estate here is, well, like I said, charming.  

Beautiful, I mean Beautiful, Scenery

Golden is in the foothills, so that walking down the street or along Clear Creek, you have an amazing view of the mountains.  The Main Street has an old West feel, paying homage to the cities origins as a (you guessed it)  Gold Rush town.  Filled with shops and restaurants, Golden Main Street is a great place to walk around.

There is also a great path that follows Clear Creek.  Along the path include beautiful statues and other pieces of artwork, an old time farm. Clear Creek History Park,  complete with chickens that the kids can feed (but I recommend bringing your own feed, they are frequently out!), bridges, a slide, etc.  The path provides easy access to the Golden Library, Main Street, Golden City Brewery, and one of Golden’s parks.  It is easy walking through Golden, passing by the library with an incredible view of the mountains, to imagine yourself living there.  In fact, I challenge anyone to walk through Golden and not feel, even for a moment, like picking up and moving!  It’s that fun & that beautiful.

Next Monday, we will finish our segment on Golden Real Estate, including information about the types of homes, price ranges, and school districts in Golden.  I will also add some pictures from a recent visit as well.  But, in the mean time, if you have any questions about Golden or would like to speak to one of our exclusive buyers agents that specializes in Golden real estate, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in our find an agent form!