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Economic News from our Steamboat Springs Buyerʼs Agents

If you are a business, or looking for a location to start a career, our Steamboat Springs Buyerʼs Agents have some news for you. As the economy continues to sputter along across the U.S., there are still a few pockets where businesses can experience some economic growth; keeping costs down and maximizing productivity. States included in these pockets of growth are Utah, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.

Location Neutral Businesses Move to Steamboat

Our Steamboat Springs buyers agent has noticed a growing number of businesses that are “location neutral”, in other words, businesses that can be run from anywhere, are choosing to be based in Steamboat Springs.   In addition to the high quality of life, Steamboat offers one of Colorado’s best hospitals, a growing airport offering more direct flights, and a solid school system.  So, if you have a business that telecommutes  for example, you may want to add Steamboat to your list of potential locations, as many other businesses are doing.

Vacation Destination

Whether you are relocating your family or a business, it is a challenge. Steamboat Springs is the perfect mainstay tourism town in northwestern Colorado for businesses.  With the Rocky Mountains nestling this town, it is known as a ski resort destination in the winter. In the spring, summer and fall months, Steamboat attracts visitors from all
over to enjoy the natural hot springs, the fishing, kayaking, rafting down the Yampa River, and to visit the many historical buildings and shops. Although Steamboat Springs is the ideal vacation destination, as of the 2000 census there were almost 10,000 residents calling Steamboat their home town.

Advise from our Steamboat Springs Buyerʼs Agents

Although the best way to secure available space for your business is to contact a Steamboat buyerʼs agent, they offer a few tips to put on your moving checklist.
• Donʼt forget to apply for any necessary licenses and/or permits,
• Purchase signage for the new location,
• Arrange for the transfer of utilities,
• Notify your bank of the change of address,
• Notify all of your vendors of your address change,
• Notify all of your customers in advance of you address change,
• Have new business cards, envelopes, and stationary printed,
• Update your web site to reflect your new location,
• Have your mail forwarded.
Contact your Steamboat buyerʼs agent today to get more tips for your checklist, and to help make moving or starting your business a seamless trans