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Evergreen Buyer Agentʼs Move to Our Breathtaking Mountain Community

The breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountain alone would make anyone choose to purchase their new home in Colorado. We have an average of 300 days of sunshine per year! Coloradans are truly blessed with natural beauty and phenomenal weather.

You would expect the Colorado housing prices to be extremely high but, in actuality, Colorado real estate remains steady and extremely affordable. Even as an investment, the homes along the Denver Front Range, including Evergreen are very affordable and offer an excellent quality of life. Our Evergreen buyerʼs agent says that the best part about Denver is the view from Evergreen! It is one of Coloradoʼs most unique communities.

Some POIʼs

The Evergreen Lake House is a must for any visitor or resident. It is the venue and focal point for concerts, festivals, and other cultural events. Families enjoy paddle boat rides in the summer, and ice skating in the winter.

The TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon is a fabulous way to have a relaxing afternoon.

They offer a variety of packages from all day spoiling spa treatments to an hour of heavenly massage. Located in a most picturesque mountain meadow setting, it is truly serene.

The Three Sisters Park is a charming local park.

Itʼs four rock formations; Three Sisters and The Brother is a landmark providing spectacular views. It is 770 acres of beautiful open space for bike rides, hiking, and trail walks. It is said to be a great park for beginner mountain bikers.

Cactus Jacks Saloon has become a favorite for locals and out-of-towners.

They have a 2000sf deck with peaceful sounds of Bear Creek right below. The rustic setting and live music attracts everyone from bikers to families, all in harmony.

Make it a part of your home purchasing research to ask your Evergreen Buyerʼs agent or other points of interest, and Evergreenʼs fascinating history! Fill in our find an agent form to get in touch today!