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Colorado buyer’s agents Association News: All Recommended Changes To Real Estate Forms Approved

Members of the Colorado buyer’s agents Association are dedicated to helping and protecting home buyers throughout the home buying process.  Even if you do not work with a member of the association, they still work to protect your interests by ensuring that real estate buying contracts in Colorado are fair for home buyers.

Colorado Buyers Agents Association Recommends Changes to Standardized Real Estate Forms That Protect Home Buyers

In Colorado, there are common real estate forms that all brokers, and most attorneys, must use when purchasing real estate.  These standard forms are developed and drafted by a Forms Committee composed of real estate agents and attorneys for the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

The Colorado buyer’s agents Association has a standing committee that works with their attorney to review the forms and draft additional provisions to the forms that will protect home buyers.  (If you have not purchased a home in Colorado, there is a a section in our real estate buying contract for additional provisions that can be added before parties sign the contract.  Working with a buyers agent, you may see additional provisions that they have added to ensure that the contract is fair to both parties. )

All Changes Recommended Were Approved

During this review and provision process, Colorado Buyers Agents Association has begun making recommendations to the Forms Committee if they notice anything that would make the buying process better for buyers and sellers alike.  This year, all of the recommendations made by Colorado Buyers Agents Association were approved and added to the standardized form.

Next week we’ll overview all of the changes recommended and approved by the Colorado Buyers Agents Association committee.

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