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Fort Collins Buyerʼs Agent talks Suds

Our Fort Collins buyerʼs agent tells us that Fort Collins is the second largest producer of beer in Colorado. He recalls the first microbrewery in Fort Collins in 1989. Odell Brewing Co is now one of seven brewing companies calling Fort Collins home. There is an annual Colorado Brewers Festival in the month of June where Colorado breweries showcase their best suds. It is the oldest brewfest in Colorado, and is open solely to Colorado breweries.
Foam on the Range
Fort Collins buyerʼs agents say that if you are visiting Ft. Collins, put a tour of these amazing breweries on your list. To make things a bit easier, every Friday and Saturday up until September, you can hop on the SuperShuttle from any of the locations on the tour, including the shops in Old Town. If a shuttle isnʼt your thing, you can walk, or even bicycle the tour!

tart in the heart of town in the historic Old Square District, enjoying restaurants, antique shops and retail stores. Then, sit back and relax on the SuperShuttle, and embark on your tour of beer bliss; history and sampling. They call this Hops and Shops.

There can be only ONE
Based on tripadvisor.comʼs list of top tours, from their siteʼs popularity index, New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado made number one as the best brewery tours in the nation. They were noted for being a wind powered, sustained brewery along with a beautiful tasting room they call the “liquid center”. They have the largest wood beer cellar, bikes, ping-pong tables, a slide, and more. Who wouldʼve thought?
Ask your Ft. Collins buyerʼs agent more about historic Old Town.

Be a responsible tourist, and please remember that the Yellow Cab Taxi company serves the entire
Northern Colorado region. Including Ft. Collins. There Phone number is 970-224-2222.