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How to Choose a Buyers Agent

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment I’ll ever make, and that’s true for most people.   This is not something to take lightly.

I hate to say it, but I will- there are some bad agents out there.  Agents with good intentions and little experience, agents with bad intentions and lots of experience, and probably even some agents with bad intentions and no experience.  But, there are also great agents with good intentions and impressive experience; I worked with one.  This is the kind of agent you want to work with.

It certainly does make a difference who you work with.  I’ve read a few stories written by homebuyers that made me cringe.  Tales of agents trying to sell them every home they walked into, each home more “perfect” than the last.  Tales of agents not returning calls, and even a few cases where the agent left the buyers’ unprotected.

But, don’t despair!!  There are good, honest, hard-working agents out there to make sure you get the representation, protection, and advice you need to buy a home.  You just need to find them.

Tips for Finding a Good Agent:

1)      Take the task of finding an agent seriously – it is an important decision that can greatly affect the rest of the process.

2)      Shop for agent first, not the house.

3)      Ask your friends and family for references.

4)      Choose an agent that is a member of professional associations.

5)      Ask for references, and contact them.

6)      Find an agent that knows the area, better than you.

7)      Find an agent that has experience with transactions in your price range.

8)      Find an agent that is prompt in contacting you.

9)      Find an agent that you can be honest with.

10)   Find an agent that understands what you want.

11)   Find an agent willing to spend time explaining things that you do not understand, and that explains things in a way that you do understand.

12)   Find an agent that does not make you feel pressured to buy.