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Interest Rate Reports and Home Selling Tips for Consumers

interest rates in CO

The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | March 26, 2022


Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
Larry Stanley (Consumer Guy, Co-host, Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate)

3 choices for a neighborhood’s quality, value, and interest rates may be:

  • Going up
  • Leveling
  • Going down

Current interest rate reports from CO real estate experts:

  • Interest rates went up a pile for the last couple of weeks by 1%
  • It does not slow down buyers from buying in today’s marketplace
  • The number of homes under contract from the most recent week in Denver and surrounding areas is 812 homes
  • In Colorado Springs, 355 homes went under contract from the last 7 days
  • The number of inventory has gone down in both Denver and Colorado Springs
  • There is no indication in the numbers, by price range, that there will be a low down in prices in the front range Colorado
  • Assessors value is acquired to put a country value for your land and your property

Savvy home selling tips for consumers when selling a home:

  • Selecting the top agent. Only top agents should be hired
  • Discovering and determining your homes 3 different prices for your successful selling in 2022
  • There are 3 different prices and values that you have to discover and determine before you go to the active housing market
  • Each of the 3 different prices must  be calculated thoroughly, accurately and each uses extensive research 
  • These numbers are based on the most current raw and county data
  1. Current market valuation
  2. Best asking price
  3. Most likely actual sale price
  • You want to sell the house for the best price you can get
  • Allow bids above your asking price and you won’t believe how much money you can get
  • The asking price for your home is not the market value and should not be the final price
  • Do not make the mistake of confusing your estimate with your asking price or your most likely actual sale price
  • You should expect to receive a top price for your home
  • When you’re interviewing for real estate agents, make sure they know the 3 different prices and values 
  • Your chosen real estate agent needs to know how to calculate them correctly
  • You have to study what is going on in the marketplace, ask other realtors who have had homes for sale in the recent weeks what happened

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