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Spotlight on Lakewood, Colorado: A Great Place for Young Families:

Looking to move out of the city and start a family?  Many families are looking at Lakewood because they can buy a bigger house in Lakewood than in many Denver areas, live in a good school district, and still have a reasonable commute to work.

Lakewood is a great place for young families that are moving to Colorado, or moving to a new home in Colorado:

1) Family Sized Homes at Family Prices
Young families want to have more room for their growing family, but not necessarily at a higher price.  With home prices in the low $200s, many areas of Lakewood offer a great value for your money allowing young families to purchase a home that meets both their size and budget needs.

2) Good School District
Education is on the top of many young families priority lists.  Moving to a good school district makes it easier for your children to get a good education.  Lakewood schools are in the Jefferson County School District, a good school district in Colorado.  Find out how more about Colorado’s education & how our school districts rank next week when we take a look at how school districts affect the value of your home, and the top 10 school districts in Colorado.

3) Convenient Location
Located with 10 to 15 minute access to 6th Avenue and C470, Lakewood commutes are reasonable.  It is about 20-30 minutes to Downtown Denver, and approximately the same to the Denver Tech Center area.  And, the commute to the mountains is not bad either if you are an avid biker or skier/snowboarder.

4) The Best of the Suburbs
If you are like many families that want to trade in the bustle of the city life for the suburbs, Lakewood is a great fit.  Plus, its just a quick drive to the city for work or play!

If you are interested in learning more about Lakewood homes, talk to a Lakewood buyers agent that is a member of the Colorado Exclusive Buyer’s Agents Association!  Fill in our find an agent form or give us a call to get started today!