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Lender Referrals

Lender referrals coming to you from your real estate agent or builder are important. Just as one real estate agent is more qualified or is better suited for you. The same is true for lenders.  If your realtor or builder has taken the time to offer you a lender referral, it is highly recommended that you follow through by contacting the lender.

Bundled Services

Early on, many realtors expanded their scope of services to offer mortgages or mortgage-related information from their offices. This “all in one” approach might not have been as competitive where the consumer is concerned.  These “bundled” services have, in time, improved quality overall and can be a great option, especially if you reinforce the fact that you are shopping interest rates.

New Homes

There are specific instances where a lender referral is very important. As is the case when shopping for a mortgage for a new home.  There are a number of intricacies that do not exist when buying a resale.  If you are shopping around in this instance, you may locate someone that offers a very favorable rate. But has little or no experience with new homes.  Their lack of experience could create unnecessary and unwanted delays.


Reliability in a lenders capacity is equally as important as reliability in the real estate industry.  If a realtor has offered a lender referral it may be because they have established a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and reliability.  This may be of great importance to you as the referred lender is familiar with the quality referrals coming from your realtor. They may be able to cut through red tape to offer faster and more efficient service.

Always ask questions about any relationship between the lending company and also your builder or real estate agent’s firm.  It is important to be vigilant. Perform due diligence in your search for a trustworthy lender who will offer you the lowest interest rate available.