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Meet Dana, First Time Home Buyer

Hello Colorado Home Buyers!

My name is Dana and my husband and I have  have decided to take the plunge and …  buy a house!

Meet the house hunting crew! Chet, Dana and Little One :)
Meet the house hunting crew! Chet, Dana and Little One 🙂

We’ve been renting for years, and we are tired of what we feel is “throwing money away.”  Every month our rent check is an investment for someone else.  We want to invest our money in our future.   It’s not just the money either, we are renting a house for the first time (in the past we always rented apartments) and have just been introduced to the fact that there’s a lot more you’re investing than just money.   If we’re going to be taking care of something, we want to take care of something that belongs to us.

Plus, our interests have changed.

We’re growing out of the “I want to go to a bar” on a Saturday night to “ I want to go to Home Depot.”   I want to do things like… paint the walls.  Decorate.  Get the vents cleaned out ( I have a weird phobia about air quality.  I pretend it’s for the baby, but… like I said, weird phobia).  Sure my lease agreement doesn’t say I can’t paint the wall.  But again-  we paint it, and someone else benefits.   And, our place is finally transformed from a “house” to a “home” and – lease is up.  Time to pack up, move out, and start all over again.

So, like I said.  We are ready to buy a house.    Have somewhere to call our own. Somewhere to raise our family.

Only thing is, I had no idea where to start.

Enter, Colorado buyer’s agent’s Association.

By a wonderful twist of fate, I met a member of the Colorado buyer’s agent’s Association.  I had never heard of a buyer’s agent before.  After learning about what they do, I thought that this is exactly what I need.   So, I am house hunting with the help of a buyer’s agent and blogging about the experience.  Hopefully all of you home buyer’s out there will be able to learn from my mistakes, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, and learn what to expect when buying a house!