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Negotiating Colorado Real Estate

This series is dedicated to helping home buyers understand the negotiating process and have a successful negotiation.   Our buyers agents have done various studies of seller behavior during negotiations to answer common questions home buyers have about negotiations and negotiating tactics.   The studies are based on data from Colorado Home Sales.

Your buyers agent will be able to answer any questions you have during negotiations and act as your guide and resource.

The Importance of Determining the Current Market Value of a Home

What To Expect During Real Estate Negotiations in Colorado

Pitfalls of Making a Low Offer on a House

Assessed Value: How Accurate Is It?

What Affects Negotiating Real Estate?

What You Need to Know About Home Sellers During Home Sale Negotiations

What You Need to Know About Negotiating Real Estate Price in the Current Market


Coming Up After Your Negotiations:

Top 4 Tips for Best Home Insurance Coverage

Buyer Closing Costs: The Basics