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What to Expect When Buying a Home: For First Time Home Buyers

What It’s Like to Buy a Home…Step By Step

Welcome to one of the first series written for the Colorado Buyer Agent Association blog.  This series was written by a first time home buyer that worked with a member of the association that covers the Denver Metro area including Lakewood, and details the experience of home buying and working with an agent.

Covering all of the major steps of buying a house, this series is meant to help provide first-timers with a look at what it is like to buy a home, including deciding to buy, choosing an agent, viewing homes, making offers, and closing.  As always, please contact the association with any additional questions.

Top Three Reasons It is a Great Time to Buy . . . For Me

Top Four Reasons I Need an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

Real Estate Fairy Godfather: We met our Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

First Day of Viewing Houses with our Buyer’s Agent

Top 5 Things to Look for When Viewing Houses

A Tough Lesson for the First Time Home Buyer

The Family Who Called House: In other words, making a second offer.

Being In Contract Reminds Me of Being 9 Months Pregnant:

Shopping for Home Insurance, A Great Way to Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend

Mission Impossible 10: Preparing for Closing Tomorrow

WE CLOSED! What is closing?

How Our Buyer’s Agent Saved us Money.

First Time Home Buyer: How I Plan to Make a Return on My Investment (Part One)

buyer’s agents Serve As Your Guide


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