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Thanksgiving Special, to Home Owners Everywhere Part One

A few weekends ago my husband and I decided to finish The Molding.  The Molding is a home improvement project that we started a good 3 months ago.  When we decided to redo the kitchen floor, which we finished in about 3 days, we did not realize that redoing the kitchen floor would also require redoing the molding.  So, The Molding is that little bonus project that I am learning is a part of every project. Bonus projects create the Home Improvement Rule of Thumb which is:  it will always take longer than you think, cost more than you think, and involve more trips to Home Depot than you think.

And so, we made great progress.  I made the great argument that we don’t know how many more weekend days we’ll have nice weather, and so we better get it finished before we have to saw in the snow.  Of course, its now almost December and we are enjoying Sunny, Mid- 50’s.  (And so, my argument has switched to, “We better go to the park because we don’t know how many more weekend days we’ll have nice weather!”  I love you Colorado with your sunny days, but always a chance of snow.  For me at least, it makes me grateful for each sunny day, because you never know when it will be the last. )

Back to The Molding.  In case you have never installed baseboard before, it can be completed in 3 easy steps.  Step 1, Measure and Cut, Step 2) Nail to the wall, and Step 3) I don’t know what step 3 is, because we have not finished step 2.  Step 2 is of course more challenging that we anticipated and causes more headaches than we anticipated, so we decided to get ourselves an early Christmas present and buy a nail gun.  In my head, I imagine it would go something like this: go to Home Depot, buy a nail gun, Pow, Pow, Pow… done!  Ha, how much I still have to learn.