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Why are exclusive buyers agents so important to negotiating the best price and terms?

For the most part, when a person wants to purchase a home, the goal is to get the best possible value for their money.  Each step of the home search process ultimately affects the value of your deal, because each step ultimately affects the price of the home.

For example, the time that you decide to buy affects the price of your home as market values change.  The time you decide to buy also affects the price of your mortgage, as interest rates change.  The neighborhood you decide to buy in will greatly affect the price of your home, as some areas are more valuable than others.  The upgrades in your home, the condition of your home, and on and on.

Successfully negotiating price and terms can save you money.

And then, there is the negotiation.  This is also an opportunity to save money, and an important one.  It is also an opportunity to lose the home you love if you don’t play your cards right.  Negotiating a home sale is a delicate balance between getting the best for your money (in other words, making the lowest reasonable offer) and losing the home (in other words, making an unreasonable, or beatable offer.)  Exclusive buyer’s agents have the experience needed to walk that line.  They have the experience to run a successful negotiation.

Exclusive buyer’s agents have the experience and industry knowledge required to negotiate.

An exclusive buyer’s agent can use comparables to determine the current market value of the home.  They can use recent sales to determine what the lowest reasonable offer is, and make a convincing case for that offer.

An exclusive buyer’s agent can use their experience to evaluate whether you are getting a good deal, a bad deal, or a fair deal.

Also, negotiations can get emotional.   Some of us are not good at negotiations, it makes us uncomfortable.  Others believe that they are good at negotiations, and make their spouses uncomfortable (ha, ha).  For some, simply not having to have the uncomfortable conversation is an enormous benefit.