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The Sun is Always Shining in Wash Park

I just joined a stroller class that meets in Wash Park.   Yes, another thing I never pictured myself doing – skipping and pushing a stroller, and loving it.  Say yes to adventure!  Yay, motherhood.  Anyway.  Our class meets in Wash Park, which was about 5 minutes from where my husband and I used to rent a home.  And let me tell you, I LOVE WASH PARK.  I think everyone loves Wash Park, and I think everyone should love Wash Park.

My husband and I used to go on picnic dates at Wash Park, and walk around admiring the homes; fantasizing about some day owning one.

Since then, a lot has changed- we became acquainted with the reality of how much it costs to buy a home in that area and the fact that it is nowhere near our current budget.  Plus, we transformed from young couple to young family, and, well, hello Suburbia.

But, going back there this morning, I fell in love all over again.  I would recommend to anyone looking in the $500,000+ price range that is seeking charm, GO TO WASH PARK.

What is so special about Wash Park Homes?

I still enjoy going for a walk around the park and admiring the Wash Park Perimeter Homes.  In my humble opinion, it is one of the most charming, beautiful, and unique neighborhoods in Colorado.   Many of the homes have a top level deck, something that I first fell in love with in New Orleans.  And, like New Orleans, you will often see neighbors enjoying a sunny summer afternoon, or a crisp fall morning on their deck, watching the “goings on” in the park.

Wash Park is actually made up of two neighborhoods, East Wash Park and West Wash Park.  East Wash Park, or Wash Park, includes the homes that border the park and extends from Downing to University, and Alameda to Louisiana.

I love the variety of architecture you will find in this neighborhood, which features Tudors, Denver squares, Craftsman bungalows, Prairie houses and new, eco friendly construction.  Homes are listed in this neighborhood between $450,000 to over $2 million.

What’s so special about Wash Park?

Plus, you are right next to Wash Park.  Colorado has hundreds of beautiful parks to choose from, and I am not sure that this one is exceptionally so.  But, it stands apart in my mind.  To me Wash Park is the Central Park of Denver.

Wash Park is a place to go to see and be seen.  There are tennis courts, there are lakes, there are basketball courts with pickup games, and running coeds.  There are families, and playgrounds, and cookouts, and even the occasional half keg (which I’m not really sure is allowed). There are paddle boats, and chess boards, stroller walkers, skateboarders, bikers, picnickers, racers, puppies.    It is always bustling, full of life.

You can bet that if I had $2 million dollars to spend on a home, I would look in Wash Park.  If you are interested in starting your home search in Wash Park, fill in our Find an Agent form to get started today