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Colorado buyer’s agent Association Matches Home Buyers With Buyers Agents In Good Standing

Take the time to research and find a good, knowledgeable, trustworthy buyers agent when you are looking to buy a house.  There is a saying that goes something like “If you don’t have any friends who are real estate agents, you probably don’t have any friends at all.”  It’s kind of a weird way of saying- there are a lot of agents out there.  Just like with anything else, there are good ones, and there are bad ones.

You might say I learned this lesson the hard way.  Without going into too much detail, I have on several different occasions found a business online, called them up, and bam.  I’m in a contract with a less than reputable company.  If I had only taken the time for a little research!!  The saying “kicking myself” comes to mind.  The saying “hindsight is twenty-twenty” comes to mind.

Don’t Kick Yourself…Do A Little Research

The good news is: it is easier than ever these days to get information about a company, or a real estate agent.  You can check the Better Business Bureau, you can contact references.  You can contact the Colorado Real Estate Commission to find out if the agent is in good standing.   These are some of the more reliable, legitimate ways of checking up on a real estate agent.

But it doesn’t stop there- you can find them on Facebook, YouTube, read their blogs, follow their tweets.  You can “friend” them, you can “like” them, you can “share” them.  The Colorado Real Estate Commission even publishes a monthly newsletter with list called “Disciplinary Actions Taken by the Colorado Real Estate Commission,” a list that lets you know who has been naughty, and who has been nice.

Use the Colorado buyer’s agent Association as your Short Cut to a Good Agent.

Yes, in this day and age, it is frankly hard to have a little privacy.  For the responsible consumer, this is great.   But, and the responsible agent is aware, and takes care to uphold their good reputation.  In fact, the responsible agent can use these venues as ways to spread their good reputation.

The tools to find the right agent are out there.  You just have to use them!  The Colorado buyer’s agents Association makes it easy for home buyers to find a trustworthy agent backed by experience.  Home buyers are only introduced to agents that are in good standing.  To find an agent in good standing today, fill in our Find an Agent form.