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Why work with an buyer’s agent?

I had such a great experience working with our exclusive buyers’ agent that I take for granted that anyone buying a home would make the same decision and work with an agent.

But I forget that there was a time that I considered, even temporarily, that I might want to just “save money” by buying a house without an agent.   It makes me smile and laugh at myself to think about that.  After going through the process, I am grateful that I had the sense to work with an agent.  Mark my words; I would never, ever, ever buy a house without working with an agent that I trusted.  I would also always recommend others to work with an exclusive buyer’s agent.

Working with an exclusive buyers agent led to my Dream Home.

I saved time, money, frustration, and my sanity by working with an exclusive buyer’s agent.  I also love the house I live in, and my neighborhood.  We got a great rate on our loan, a great deal on our house, and I have no regrets about the process.

It certainly was a positive experience.

Buying a home is not a “Do It Yourself” Project.

There are many things that people can, and maybe even should do themselves.  Even with no experience.  In many cases, “Do It Yourself” projects can save money, and if you are dedicated and don’t get frustrated to easily, it doesn’t require losing quality.

Work_With_Buyers_Agent_GraphFor example, and don’t laugh, but for the first time in my life, I baked a pie from scratch.  This is a huge milestone for me on my road to being a “stay at home mom” after leaving my “career.”  It was fun, delicious, and had no mystery ingredients.  But, the kitchen was covered in flour, some pepper accidentally made its way into the crust, but overall, no harm is done.  It is just a pie after all.

These are the types of Do It Yourself that I believe in homemade pies, possibly some laminate.  These are within the “Do It Yourself” cut off point. But when the stakes are high, its best left to the professionals.  I firmly believe that the home buying process is one of those things.  There is too much at stake, and a professional will save money.

Please see the chart my (half-joking) attempt to describe the Do It Yourself Cut Off Point.  Everyone has one.  Where is yours?