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Work with Colorado Buyers Agent or Do it Yourself?

As you set out to buy your home in Colorado, you may be asking yourself if you need to work with an agent or if you can do it yourself.

Most Coloradans Work with Real Estate Agents for their Home Purchases.

Traditionally, people that purchase or sell homes work with a real estate agent.  Colorado Buyers agents exist to protect a home buyer’s rights and work exclusively for home buyers so that they can serve as a guide without the conflict of interest providing the best experience possible for home buyers.

Can You Buy a Home Without Representation?

Some homeowners opt to sell their home on their own, also known as “For Sale By Owner.”  So, as you set out to buy, you may wonder if, similarly, you can “Purchase By Owner.” In other words, make a home purchase without representation.  The main goal people are hoping to achieve by working alone is saving money.  They wonder if with access to information using large portal sites they will able to do it on their own.

Is it a good idea to give up a buyer representation?

Most experts agree that buying a home alone is a mistake- you are giving up the professional advice and services of a Colorado buyers agent during a complicated process and large investment.  More than that, the services come at no additional cost to the buyer, in most cases.

This series will help you answer questions you may have to decide to work with an agent or do it alone.

Here is a series that will answer in more depth the primary question most people have when considering this question.

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