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A Tough Lesson for the First Time Home Buyer

The One that got Away

We found our house! We went back and saw it again yesterday, to make sure it was as good as we thought it was. It was better. Our exclusive buyer’s agent told us that this was a really good deal, but I wasn’t sure. I had only seen a few houses (it was the second house we saw), so I thought we might find something better. I checked the house on (which said the house was worth $15,000 more than they were asking for the house). We researched the neighborhood more. We called our parents to see if there is anything major we hadn’t thought about. Did one final search on every website we could find to see if we had missed anything.

We finally decided to do what we had wanted to do since the first time we saw it: sign the contract. I’m day dreaming about where the furniture will go, what color we want to paint our bedroom.

A Learning Experience for the First Time Buyer
And. Someone else bought our house. Someone else had realized the good deal and now it’s gone. Woe is me. But, when our buyer’s agent called to tell me the bad news, he said at the end of the call that we aren’t the first “first time home buyers” that this is happened to, and we won’t be the last. He said that it is a learning experience: many first time home buyers pass up the first good house they find because they are afraid of making the commitment. He said that when we do buy the house, it will be the right one.

I’m going to listen to my buyer agent this time. If it truly was The One, then it wouldn’t be the One that Got Away.