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Buyers Agent Education 101

Matching a buyer with their perfect piece of real estate

We would like to offer some easy to understand information about buyers agents in our Buyers Agent 101 series.  Those in the real estate industry may be well versed on real estate lingo. When it comes to designations and certifications, the consumer’s ability to distinguish the difference in qualifications and skills quickly slips into an abyss.  Consumers are becoming more skilled at self-searching for information they need over the internet. But there are still more information needed in the marketplace regarding the many different types of real estate agents and service that are available to them.

Here are some easy-to-understand basic information points regarding what a buyers agent can do.

Search For A Property

Many consumers are short on time, juggling families, jobs and other time constraints.  A buyers agent will evaluate what you have discussed with them regarding preferences in home age, style, floor plans, living areas and other criteria to develop a customized property profile for their client. They will utilize many avenues to search for properties that fit the profile.

Real Estate Administrative Assistance

The relationship between a consumer and the real estate agent can vary greatly depending on the type of agreement that consumer wishes to become engaged in. A buyers agent will walk their client through the process. He will answer all questions necessary to make the buyer feel at ease.

The Contract Offer

Just as brain surgeons may not make the best short order cooks and vice versa. The real estate negotiation process requires that a trained professional assist in this part of the process.  A buyers agent will handle the contract offer from start to finish. Buyers agent will assist the buyer with all information.

Buyer Agency Agreement

Closing Process

A buyers agent has much experience in assisting in the continuity of important events during the closing process. Which will help a buyer particularly where paperwork and communication with the title company are concerned.

A buyers agent is your best ally in purchasing real estate.  This is an important point to consider in securing real estate at the lowest possible price. Let us get you started, then just answer a few simple questions, we can give you a list of top performers who are specialists in the area you with to purchase.