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CO Experts Discussed the Current Changes in the Real Estate Marketplace

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The Barry and Larry Vestera Real Estate Program Radio show

8:00-9:00 AM | July 16, 2022


On the show:

Barry Miller (Host, and Real Estate Agent with Remax Masters Millenium, Denver, CO)
Larry Stanley (Consumer Guy, Co-host, Barry and Larry Consumer’s Real Estate)
Mike Rabon (Loan officer with Remax Masters Millenium who specializes in Reverse Mortgages & Home Equity Conversion Mortgages)

The current changes in the real estate marketplace

  • As we start a new school year, home sellers can expect a slow down in the time it takes to sell their house
  • Few buyers would have to look at more houses that are listed for sale
  • Bidding wars are less likely to occur and home buyers are unlikely to offer a purchase price that exceeds the appraised value of the home
  • In general, it will take more time to sell a house. Thus, requiring sellers to exercise patience
  • We are now seeing sales time an average of 40 days or more, as compared with under10 days a few weeks ago
home selling tips for consumers
  • All homes are taking more days in the market before they go under contract
  • People usually want to be in their house and settle before the school year starts
  • People usually buy a house usually at the end of June
  • The time it takes to sell a house in front range Colorado is expected to take longer over the next few months
  • Experts  see the time to sell can now go to 50 to 70 days before the end of this calendar year
  • We may not see 7 to 10 days of inventory in some years
  • Experts are advising consumers to always be prepared for these changes in the real estate marketplace

The reality of residential real estate

  • It is believed that the five-year fever in Denver, CO, and Dallas, TX is broken
  • Get the right information as there is so much misinformation including from real estate agents
  • The statistics really helped to make clear why seniors should look into reverse mortgages now
  • Many seniors (over 65% of people over 62 years old) usually have a mortgage that is going to outlive them
  • The ability to reconvert the payment to optional payment is incredible easy right now
  • This is a really great time for seniors to sell a home and buy a new one
reverse mortgage explained by mortgage expert

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