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What Is it Like to Work with a Denver Buyers Agent

Two years ago, I worked with a Denver Buyer’s Agent who was a member of both the Colorado and the National Associations of buyer’s agents.  Since it is now the beginning of “home buying season” (many home sellers put their home on the market in the beginning of the summer), I wanted to recap the highlights of what working with a buyer’s agent  was like when we purchased our home in the Denver/ Lakewood area.

1. Our agent answered all of our questions.  We learned a lot and felt comfortable every step of the way in asking questions about the home buying process, about particular homes, neighborhoods, home loans, anything.

3.  Our agent helped us define our search.  From defining a realistic home budget to defining what we want in a home and defining where we want to live.

4. We walked through homes with an expert.  Our agent showed us pros and cons (yes! He showed us the cons!) of each home.   By sharing his knowledge and experience on home construction, home repairs, renovations, etc. we were able to make an informed judgement of each home.

5. Our agent helped us make timely and informed offers.  When we found a home we wanted, our agent helped us submit timely and informed offers,  while advising us through the process, no matter what the hour.

6. We understood the current market value of the home we wanted to buy.  Our agent ran comparables and explained them in detail.  He also gave us his input based on years of experience of how good of a deal we were getting. When it wasn’t a good deal, he told us.

7. Our agent came to our home inspection & recommended an additional inspections that saved us several thousand dollars.

8.  Our agent explained all documents and protected our interests on Closing Day.  It was a celebration for everyone, but there was still a lot of paperwork to get through.  Sitting next to the mountains of legal documents would have been intimidating if our buyer’s agent wasn’t there.  He explained breifly all the documents we signed, and in depth anything that was particularly unusual.  I felt confident that I was in good hands and that we wouldn’t miss anything, and that everything would be done properly.

9. And now… we recieve seasonal updates from our agent with helfpul tips on home maintance and an overview of the Denver home market.  Overall I had an outstanding experience and would recommend working with a Colorado buyer’s agent, and will again if we decide to move!